God Save Our Gracious Queen

2012 brought HRH Queen Elizabeth IIs diamond jubillee. It drewn all of the UK together and no matter the weather everybody kept smiling


1. God Save Our Gracious Queen

Long before my lifetime or even my parents lifetime a new princess became Queen. Her name was Lilibet and she was not long passed twenty years old. Who could have known what was is store for her and did she picture being where she is today, celebrating sixty years on the throne. So the scene was set for a great series of events. But one person just wouldn't follow the plans...and her name was Mother Nature. Richmomd was an area not overlooked by the proceedings and it used to be a place of great royal interest back in the Tudor times. A few months before the event reached its climax the Queen did a procession round all of the royal parks (Bushy, Richmond, ...) and lining the route was to be (as requested by prince Phillip) all the uniformed organisations of the area. I was lucky enough to attend the procession though Richmond Park and the day started off gloriously sunny. Me and the rest of my Guide Unit were all stood under a tree be shaded from the sun. It wasn't to last long though. We took our place in front of the railings next to the Brownies and prepared for a long wait. We knew there would be horses coming down before the Queen arrived and so we were ready for them. And waited and waited. Not that I like to gripe but the lack of security at the event surprised me, as there was absolutely none other than the odd policeman here and there. I mean any one of us could have been carrying something dangerous yet no one would know. Even the brownie leader was surprised as she thought it would be really tight security for such an important event she had had to provide passport photos of all the adult helpers she was bringing. But that is beside the point. We were still waiting (Not that the queen was running late, we were a bit early) when the first of the rain came down. And when it came it hailed so badly my four friends were all huddled like penguins under one umbrella. We were looking up and t the clouds just wishing it would pass over soon. After a short while we got to a patch of blue and all relax just as the horses came through. They retook positions and suddenly in the distance we could see an assortment of Land Rovers approaching  Warning! Another gripe coming! Off-roader, of all things!! Ok the ground was a bit muddy I cant see how it couldn't have been done in a more elegant car... A grey off-roader!!! Grrrr..... But moving on the Queen began her procession down the middle of the uniform organisation lined route. Just as it started raining again! This time thankfully it wasn't as heavy but rain is rain no matter. But the Queen kept smiling and waving and when she got to the end of the route watched the maypole dancers and went inside for tea. Just as it started hailing again. Typical. Despite the fact that by the end we were all sure that we were all going to be seriously ill with hypothermia it was a great day which we thoroughly enjoyed.

It was commonly known that the Queen was to travel down the Thames on a beautiful barge, being stored in Richmond. Never the less my family and I went down to admire the beautiful bodywork and the exquisite cushions the barge had to offer. But the day of the river pageant brought but more rain. My mother, sister and I were stood just by the Mortlake Brewery, near Richmond as we watched the procession. We were huddled under branches as speedboats and other safety boats came along first, then the Queens barge in all its Glory (Ironically as it was called the Gloriana) came past and using binoculars we could just make out faint shapes of the Royal Family. My Mother however will remember the day another way also as just as the barge came past her camera malfunctioned and refused to take any more pictures. She was so annoyed and disappointed, she shouted, 'All she wanted was just one picture . Just ONE!' Still in horrible weather the barge made progress towards London. The banks were packed with people all of whom had stood there ages just to get a glimpse  And smiling as ever on board were the Queen and Prince Phillip the whole time. Back in mediocre street in South West London, preparations were underway for a street party. We had had a street party last year for the Royal Wedding, and were going to do the same thing again. Most of us had been to Mortlake or Richmond to watch the pageant and now we were setting up the barbecue and laying the tables with all the amazing food each house had been asked to bring along. I made some Mexican dips and my Mum made a dessert thing thing which I  cant remember much about  Yes the weather wasn't supposed to be great but we were prepared to brave it. I was tattooing small children with those temporary tattoos in the shape of a British flag. There were catapulting competitions  and chalks to draw on the street with. We had just finished eating Lunch hen the heavens positively opened and it rained really hard for about half an hour. We were huddled like penguins under shelter with every now and again a small child going out to run around then promptly getting too wet and coming back in again. We gave up for a while and went inside to watch live on telly the barge again, an yes the Queen was still there smiling. We then went back outside when the rain had stopped but it wasn't the same spirit since the rain so we packed up and left. Unfortunately Prince Phillip fell dreadfully ill while stand in the rain for hours and was admitted to the royal hospital. He was later discharged but by that time the festivities were almost over, including the Jubilee Concert featuring the likes of Elton John in a very dapper pink suit and tie, a very out-of-tune Will.I.Am and various performers from my parents day doing the most bizarre acts involving hoops and wings...

Overall the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were a highly enjoyable time or me and my family and the nation as a whole and brought everyone together just before the 2012 London Olympics arrived. A particularly memorable part for me was seeing the Queen in the parade tours while i was stood with my Guides. She and Prince Phillip were happy and smiling and contrary to popular belief the Queen doesn't wave in that strange way where you wriggle your wrist. She waves like any other human being.

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