Aurora est in hortus

The year is 61BC, and Aurora lives woth her Mama and Papa in central Rome. Mama is normally out at lunches, Papa is an important official. But when the family becomes wrapped up in high end politics, Aurora is forced to seek company somewhere else. But loving someone below you is unsightly and could bring great shame to both families


1. 61BC

In among the large cround gathered at the market the was a young boy. he stood nervously as he waited his turn to buy fresh foods for his master. Twenty minutes, he had been stood waitimg but of course no one pays attention to you if you are just a twelve amd a bit years old and are dressed as themost inauspiciois of young slave boys. He had not seeen hos mother for many years and could only jst about remember her face. He was finally at the front and was just about to start reading out his list when a burly man came striding into his path. He barged infront of the young boy and began to place his own order. But the boy wasn't surprised. That always happened. But that was beside the point. He had to get food and head back towards the villa so he could help start preparing for dinner. Or he wouldn't hear the end of it from coquus...
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