Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


1. Breathe


Harry was pushed above the reckless water as the current fought against him and his savour. Harry was too far gone to care. As Harry was laid on the cold, rough sand his saviour tried to Live up to his name, after trying what he saw many humans do in these situations, he resorted to the one thing he knew would save the beautiful boy. Leaning down as pressing his lips on to Harry's a faint glow could be seen emerging from the caress. In the midst of the kiss a pair of startling green eyes snapped open as he returned to the world In deep breaths. Lips removed themselves from his own and Harry started seeing more clearly. His mind still confused and blocked up but Harry sees in his opinion, the most gorgeous crystal blue eyes and caramel locked hair.

Louis gazed down at the soaked boy with a gentle smile trying to look as kind and normal as he could as to not startle the human. Harry slowly saw the side effects of nearly dying ware away and slowly began to make himself upright. He saw the strangers hands prepare to steady him if need be, looking up at Louis soft smile Harry found the corners of his lips curving themselves. Captivated by the mysterious guy who saved him Harry forgot his manners and just stared At him.

"are you alright?" "Y-yeah I am" Harry dreamily responded before mentally slapping himself "Thank you, thank you so much for saving me, how can you repay someone who saved you from drowning?" "Breathing is enough of a reward" Louis replied gently "Your too kind but I dunno, it doesn't feel right to just say thank you" Harry stuck trying to explain why. " there's only one thing I could want from you in return" "Anything" " what is your name?" "Harry, my names Harry" Louis seemed to beem at this new knowledge. "Styles.. Harry styles, what's your name?" He added on second thought. "Louis" "Louis" Harry repeated back in his dream state. He was saved by the most gorgeous bloke he's ever seen and his name was louis.

After a few minutes of silence - not at all uncomfortable- Harry tried his first attempt at standing back up. His muscles contacting but in their weakened state they let him fall down half way through his attempt. But, Harry did notice for the first time something that startled him to his core. His saviour, this beautiful creature.. Was just that. A creature. 'Louis is a mermaid... Man .. Thing' Harry's thoughts running wild as he tried to come to terms with his supposed insanity. He wasn't panicking like he felt he should be, he looked back intent on double checking Louis did indeed have a tail. Yep, there it is. Louis swished his tail back and fourth with proud and almost wild grin. Harry had finally noticed and seemed to be taking it splendidly. 

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