7 Billion Pills

The world has been swept by an unusual migraine tablet...
And no-one can seem to get rid of it.
The burden falls on Miss Katie Chase to stop the pill's effects from spreading...


1. Prologue

I was sitting silently by my father's bed, just sitting, staring at the slow, subtle flicker of his eyelashes.

I didn't notice at first; his right leg had started to twitch, but I only noticed the difference when his eyelashes started to flicker more violently. The machine he was hooked to started to beep. It started to beep louder, and louder, and louder... But I was all alone.

I started frantically looking around, shouting until I could barely hear myself, let alone think for myself. Soon, some nurses rushed in, but they weren't nearly as flustered as I.

They pressed some buttons, they hooked and re-hooked some tubes, they looked expectantly back at the machine that had beeped. The beeping gradually died down, in sync with my heart rate, before I realize those weren't the only things that had gone down.

I could no longer hear the monotonous thump of father's heartbeat, and the thin, dark red lines on the mysterious machine has dropped to a straight line...

And I didn't have to be older that 9 to know what that meant.

"Why didn't you save him?" I hollered "Why?"

"Miss..." two body guards had come in at the sound of my screaming.

"No! You're rubbish doctors, and I've payed the price!"

"Miss..." they were being slightly more forceful, slightly more impatient, but I could barely see their blurred anger through my tears.

And although it sounded crazy, and all I could manage was to splutter through my tears, I knew, I knew...

That I could have saved him.

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