Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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1. Slipped Away

You know, when people write books, or make movies, the siblings always fight? 

   Well, that's the opposite for me and my sister.

   My sister is like the other half of me. If we're separated then I feel broken in half. Half with her, half with me. What I never thought, was that I'd would always have to be broken in half even if she's with me, cos I know she is not really. 

   When I'm broken, I'm trapped between fantasy and reality. Half of me with her, and seeing things other people don't see, and half with me, and getting some help for my 'issues'. Half hanging out with my sister, that no be else sees. Half being abandoned by the only family I have left.

   I don't know if I have many sins or God doesn't like me, but Im going through hell. And when one person can't seem to leave you alone in this 'helly' process, it makes things so much harder. Another thing that I didn't know, was that my life will never be the same after a stupid party.
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