If only time could turn back

This is the diary about a girl, Sarah, in the world of the supernatural. She is one of the most hunted vampires in Earth, and one of the most dangerous vampires in the world. But in the quiet town of Forsworn, she finds the last thing she expected or wanted: love.

1. Aug. 1

Dear Diary,

           All the crazy things that have happened in my life are so unbelievable that you would be scoffing, even if you saw it with your own eyes. I have to admit, if I wasn't who I was, I wouldn't believe it either.

           But my life is everything but normal. Ever since I met Ethan, my maker, things have been going downhill. It has been 567 years, yet I still hold a grudge against him. But at the same time, I love him.

          Ethan was there when no one else was. I did not suspect his dark secret until I became a part of it. He had been with me as the illness that would surely take me life drove everyone, even my family. And at the brink of death, he brought me back to the living. Or more precisely, living dead. 

        Ethan is a 709 year old vampire, and a very powerful one by his own rights. He is the precise reason I'm running right now. Well, if Ethan ever found out about this diary, and what I write here, he would definitely end me. But first, he would make me regret I didn't die 567 years ago. He is a master at torturing.

        Tonight, we will go to a small town named Forsworn. Ethan seems to think that we will be safe there. But he's naive to think that. We will be safe nowhere from the Council of Elders.

        You see, the Council of Elders is the highest power in the Vampire Society. Ethan defied the Council by turning a werewolf, thus making him a hybrid, although he died only 3 hours later. That's the thing with hybrids. They always die of blood loss. They can't find the correct source of blood they need to survive.

         Well, bye diary. I'll keep you in date with my crazy life.

          But I prefer my life to be crazy than inexistent.



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