Everything has changed

Willow has had a hard life, plagued by demons. This is all about to change though, as her cousin, none other than Niall Horan finds her and offers his help.

It's not only Niall though that wants to help save Willow, will she finally find someone to love her, or will it all be to much?


1. Chapter one...Mistreatment


My name is Willow Riley, I'm sixteen and I currently live at an orphanage. My best friend is a girl by the name of Rose and we do everything together. Why am I here in the first place you ask? The answer is simple my parents gave me up at birth. I never knew them.

I sighed before closing my eyes and laying my head back, only to be interrupted by a stampede of feet.

" Willow, open the door now!", Rose's voice shouted frantically from the other side of the door. I quickly hopped up off my bed and opened the door to my doom.

" Hi Rose.", I giggled as I took in the sight of my best friend's appearance. Her usually styled brown hair, was messy and mucked up. While her pale skin was flushed from running, her curls flying everywhere.

" H-He's coming.", I repeated slowly before sitting on the floor and curling up into a tight ball.

The orphanage was never a fun place to be, apart from the obvious noise, stealing of your possessions and general nastiness. There was the place it's self, brick walls, fluorescent lights. It was possibly the most depressing place in the whole of Australia, not that I had visited anywhere apart from the bosses office here. So I couldn't judge.

The other few things you should know about me are that I'm tall, blonde with curly hair and blue eyes and I'm English. Although I was only born in England, I don't remember anything about the place, or Britain and the UK for the matter.

" What did we do this time?", I whispered from the floor.

" Said we were up too late last night listening to Adele and One Direction.", she answered in a quick and hushed voice.

I just lay there, waiting for Chris to arrive, he was the one in charge of punishment. With a scarred face and a bouncer security guard figure, he was terrifying.

" If he lays one finger on either of us, I'm calling the police!", Rose stated.

" OK.", I agreed in a small voice, knowing that in half an hour we would be on the phone to them, Chris always beat us as punishment.

" What did I say about the music?!", Chris came into the room roaring causing me to cower further into the corner.

When we didn't reply, he kicked me hard in the stomach and then went and did the same thing to Rose.

" Why do you do this?", I gasped, doubled over in pain. I was going to have bruises.

" Did you just ask a question?", he tilted his head.

I didn't reply.

" What is the first rule? No questions!", he screamed. Coming over and slapping me on the face, neck and back, fore kicking me again.

" Razor it is for you Missy.", he seethed.

Pulling out the razor and dragging it all over my body until I had blood all over me, running from multiple places. I eventually screamed out in pain and received a kick for it.

He simply nodded before leaving, closing the door as if nothing had happened. I didn't move, Rose did though. She rushed over for my phone and dialled a number. It took a minute as it was just a phone that had been put there so that the place would pass safety requirements. Technically we weren't meant to use it.

" We need police.", she rushed into the speaker when it connected.


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