Look Closer

Eva is a pretty good pupil. She get straight A's and occaisional B's. She is populour and boys like her. But her life is about to change forever. Somebody will find out her deepest and darkest secret. Eva is a vampire!


1. Homework

I looked down at my test. Another A. I was always a teachers pet. Constantly bringing in apples for teachers and never being late. I knew I was a teachers pet, but it was because I want to fit in and look, well, normal I guess.

" What did you get on your test?" asked Tammy.

Tammy is my best friend. She has been my best friend since I moved here 2 years ago. Tammy is 14, six months older than me,tall, with fair hair and blue eyes. I'm a small girl with mousey brown hair and green eyes. Of course, I didn't really have green eyes, these were contacts. I have red eyes. Because I'm a vampire.

"Another A." I replied.

"Oh, Eva, why can't you get a C or a D like everybody else!" Tammy sighed.

"Because, Tammy, I'm just pretty smart, I guess."

Miss Drape shouted across the room.

"BE QUIET GIRLS! I'm giving the homework assement, so you had better pay attention."

Tammy and I giggled.


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