Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


1. Chapter 1

Laurel unlocked the door to the apartment she shared with her mom Anna. As she walked in she set her keys in the bowl by the door like always. She walked straight up to the kitchen counter and grab a pear.  As she turned and leaned against the counter she took a bite..."mmm so good." She said aloud and then noticed that there was a red blinking light on the voice mail machine so she reached to push the button.

Her moms voice swept across the room "Hey honey I just wanted to let you know that the meeting got pushed back...ha ha the bride changed flower shops again oh my god she is driving me crazy I can't wait for her wedding to be over with. Why don't you order a pizza and have Amanda and Louis come over and I'll be home as soon as I can, love you baby girl."

Laurel pulled out her phone and called Amanda most likely Louis was with her, they both work at the local video store together. 

"Hey girl!" Amanda sang into the phone.

"Hey do you and Louis want to come over tonight for a pizza and movie?" Laurel asked as she took another bite and put her phone on speaker.

Amanda then yelled over to Louis "Hey Lou want to go over to Laurel's for pizza and movie after work?"

"Yeah I'll pick the movie this time." He yelled loud enough to hear.

"Fine, yeah we'll be there after work so around 8:30 is that okay?" she asked. 

"Yeah sounds great I'll go for a swim, just come in when you get here k." Laurel told her as she was walking upstairs to her bedroom to change into her swimsuit. 

"Ok sounds great see you later." she said as she hung up. 

Laurel walked over to her walk in closet she loves her closet it was huge, her mom was always going in there and grabbing things. It's was good that they had the same taste in about everything, probably because Anna had Laurel when she was sixteen it made them super close. Sometimes Anna worried that since Laurel is now sixteen she just didn't want her to follow her footsteps. Laurel was a good kid though she didn't have to worry about her having a baby anytime soon. Laurel wanted to finish high school, go to collage and get a great job. A family is on the back burner in the off position.

So where did I put my swimsuit??? Oh wait the laundry duh! She said aloud as she walked out of her bedroom into the laundry room. She opened the dryer door and she fished out the top, then the bottoms. She then started to take off her clothes as she walked back to the room putting on the suit and grab a towel.

She headed up to the roof of her apartment building it had the most amazing view she loved having the pool on the roof. The Santa Monica Pier was just a few blocks away the Ferris Wheel is her favorite ride, it was summer so it was still very hot outside. The water felt amazing there was a few younger kids and their mothers at the shallow end of the pool, they were playing with little buckets throwing water at each other. Laurel got in and swam for a bit then sat out on the lounge chair getting a bit of a tan. 

"AHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed, as cold water was dripping down her body when she rubbed her eyes and looked up. Louis and Amanda were laughing hard then she noticed Louis with a bucket. The little boys were laughing as one of them walked over to Louis to get the bucket back.

"Thanks lil man!" He said to the boy.

"Ugh your such an ass Louis!" She yelled. 

"Hey I was trying to save your life." He laughed.

"Oh yeah how is that." She laughed as she stood up.

"You really shouldn't fall asleep while tanning." He looked at her all serious then laughed in her face.

"I know and you know what you shouldn't do." She said to him in a sweet voice.

"No, what shouldn't I do?" he said in a cocky tone.

She started walking closer to him and said "Stand so close to the pool!" as she pushed him in. He screamed as he fell back there was a huge splash. Amanda laughed so hard she started to cry. The two girls fell to the ground laughing because Louis looked like a drowned rat.

"You better run because I'm going to get you back!" He yelled at them.

"CRAP RUN!!!" Screamed Amanda.

the girls got up and ran down the stairs to the hallway that lead to Laurels apartment, Louis was right behind them. Catching up to them was cinch because of being a jock, as he ran his long shaggy brown curly hair was moving everywhere, okay he's really hot.

"You better watch out!" He laughed.

"Come on Amanda open the door!" Laurel yelled but she couldn't get the key to turn.

"AMANDA WRONG DOOR!!!" Laurel laughed as she looked up to the numbers.

"OOP'S!" She said as they ran to the next one, Laurel grabbed the keys and as she opened the door Louis picked both of them and threw them over his shoulders. Grunting like a caveman the girls were wiggling and laughing he couldn't hold them anymore they all fell forward onto the couch. They all just laid there laughing and tangled into each other. 

"So who's going to order the pizza?" Louis Said.

"NOT IT!!!" Amanda and Laurel yelled raising their hands in the air.

"Fine I'll call what do you two want on it?" He asked.

"Mushrooms!" Laurel said handing him a towel.

"Pineapple for me!" Amanda yelled from the couch.

"Hey where you going?" Louis said as Laurel was about to head up to her bedroom.

"I'm going to go change is that okay with you?"  She said as she smiled at him.

"Sure if I can watch, you might need some help, do you want some help?" He offered with the biggest smile on his face.

"Ha Ha… your so funny I think I can handle it on my own but if I do you'll be the first person I'll call." I laughed back. He just smiled back at her. they've always flirted with each other and even kissed once well a few times but Laurel just didn't feel anything for him romantically. Amanda told her  once that he had feelings for Laurel but she just don't want to ruin their friendship.

"Umm delivery please." Louis said from the phone in the kitchen.

Laurel took a quick shower then got into sweats and a tank-top, she put my hair up in a ponytail. Then started to head downstairs when she noticed the clock on her night stand read it was almost ten, she then started to wonder if  her mom was home yet. She grab a pair of sweats and t-shirt for Louis he was always leaving clothes there this has always been a second home for the both of them. When she get downstairs Amanda is chasing Louis around with a wrapped up towel, Laurel just start to laugh at him screaming like a little girl, She love her friends, when she reached her moms bedroom door at the bottom of the stairs she pecked in but no one was there. "She must still be in the meeting?" She mumbled to herself.

"Laurel save me please, she's gone crazy!" Louis screamed as he ran behind me. 

"Ding" "Dong" 

"Sorry, I have to get the door." She laughed as she walked to the kitchen to get the money. 

"Hold on I'll be right there!" She yelled as she walked towards the door.

"Okay how muc…"She stopped when She noticed it wasn't the pizza person but two Police Officers.

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