Meeting The Boys of 1D

A normal teenage girl who went to see her favorite boy band in concert and got backstage passes and front row seats right in front of the stage. When the concert was over everyone who had a backstage pass went backstage. When we went backstage everyone but one girl started to scream so she let them go ahead of her so then she wouldn't have to her screams from behind her.


1. Falling in love with 1D

Allie's or ( Allison) POV:

Hi my name is Allie and I won concert tickets to see One Direction and got a backstage pass I was so exicited to see them in person oh the tickets were for front row seats. The concert starts at 8 at it is 3 right now so I hoped in the shower and got dressed in comfy clothes till it was about 7:30 so I went upstairs quickly and put on some purple Aeropostale skinny jeans my pink Cowgirl boots and put on my white 1D shirt and braclets and necklace and put my Iphone in my back pocket and walked downstairs and walked to my car and plugged my phone in and listened to 1D all the way to the to the concert when I got there there were about 20 people there.  So while I waited for the concert to start I played on my Iphone. while I was playing a game on my phone someone tapped my shoulder I paused my game and looked up to see who it was it was a security guard I think anyway so when I looked up it looked like he needed some help. So I asked him do you need help with anything? He looked at me and said Yes. So I asked him what he needs help with and he said to get a fan off of one of the boys. He asked me if I could help him pull the fan off of one of the boys and I said Okay.. So he took me outside where I saw a fan trying to get Liam to kiss her the Security Guard said that he tried to pull her off but he wasn't strong enough so I wen t over to the girl that was on Liam and he looked like he was scared to death so I weup behind the girl that was on Liam and grabbed her by the waist and yanked her right off of Liam. Liam then got up and said thank you to me and I said it was nothing then the girl nt looked like she was going to break free so I mouthed to Liam to tell the others to run inside and hide he then walked over to the boys and they all took off running into the concert hall I then realeased the girl but still had a hold of her arm I then took my phone out of my pocket and called the cops and told them what she did and then I handed her over to them and headed inside. When I went inside I yelled to the boys that it was safe to come out. When they came out they all took off running to me but I stopped them before they could tackle me. I said one at a time then they all argreed. Liam was the first to hug me. Louis was after him. Then it was Harry, Zayn, and lastly Niall. 

Liam's (POV)
" Wow"! That girl was strong when she mouthed to me tell the other lads to run and hide I just nodded my head I then walked over to the other lads to them what she said then we all took off running inside and hid tell she yelled that it was safe to come out just then we all started to run towards her to give her a hug when she said stop we all stoped in front of her she then said to give her a hug one at a time. We all gave her a hug individually. She then said that we might want to get backstage and get ready for the concert she then sat down in the front row seat right infront of the stage. We all went backstage to get ready for the show when it was getting close to show time we all started to get pumped up for the show I saw Niall leave backstage.

Niall's POV: I left backstage to go and talk to that girl who saved Liam. When I saw the girl I walked over to her she was doing something on her phone. So I waited till I saw her put down her phone so I walked over to her and tapped on her shoulder she looked up when I saw her eyes I know I have seen them before in the past. So I broke the silence by asking her what her name was. Hi there can I ask you something? Sure??? Okay what is your name?
Allie's POV: When Niall asked me what my name was I said Allison but everyone calls me Allie. He then said thanks and then he said see you after the concert. Then he walked off to go backstage.

Zayn's POV: I was looking at myself in a mirror when Niall walked backstage.
Hey Niall I say to him as he walks past me. He went to the sound guy and put his earpice in and grabbed his mic and then went to the dressing rooms and came out with his guitar and left backstage. I put the mirror down and followed him I saw him talking to the girl that helped pulled that girl of off Liam he handed her his guitar then I saw him whisper something in her ear she nodded her head then he started to turn around to come backstage when she grabbed his wrist and whispered something in his ear he then turned around and saw me spying on them he then turned to face her and said thanks.

Harry's Pov:  I saw Zayn leave backstage but then I saw Niall leave the front row where the girl was sitting she saved Liam from a crazy fan he then turned and started walking backstage when the girl grabbed his arm and whispered something in his ear he turned around and saw Zayn there spying on them he turned to face the girl and said Thanks.

Louis's POV: I saw Harry staring at Zayn and Zayn was spying on Niall and the girl who saved Liam from a really crazy fan. Niall was walking to come backstage when the girl took out her phone and then I heard Niall's phone go off meaning he got a new message he stopped and looked at his phone and then strated to walk back to the girl. He smiled at her then hugged her and then when they let go they were both smiling. He then replyed back and then put his phone in his back pocket and waited till she got his text message when she opened it she started to laugh. She then replyed back to him and he laughed the same laugh she did. So I texted Niall to ask her something for me. He texted back saying sure then I texted him my question. I then saw her doing something on his phone and then I got a text from an unknown number so I relpyed saying okay then I walked over to Niall and the girl and when I got there the girl said hi I'm Allison but everyone calls me Allie she said. Hi Allie how old are you? 19 she said. So how do you know Niall here I asked?

Allie's POV: When Louis asked me how I knew Niall I said that we were best friends since we were in dippers. But that wasn't the whole truth we were actually best friends since 1st grade.



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