Harry Times Two

One Harry meets the other Harry. Some crazy shits about to go down. Especially if one is 5 and the other is 18 and they act the same. And guess who is stuck in the middle? Nina. Confusing huh? Try to keep up.


2. Lost

It was Saturday and I was forced to take Harry to the park while my mom went to a meeting. Harry was wearing red pants with a stripped shirt and white...socks?
"Harry were going outside you have to wear some shoes." I said glaring at the excited figure. I frowned as he began to whine.
"Why why why shoes shuck." Shuck? I think he ment suck.
"Where did you learn that word young man?" I said as my anger grew inside my like a lion ready to kill its victim. He smiled micheviously as I sent him a death glare.
"From you of courth." He smiled.
"Don't say it in front of mom." His smile grew even wider. 'You wouldn't dare' I mouthed. He shook his head up and down and ran in circle.
"NO SHOES NO SHOES!!!!" The anger inside off my burst out.
"FINE DON'T WEAR YOUR FUCKING SHOES!!" He smiled as I said it then frowned as I finished looking hurt. I ment to say sorry when he grabbed his coat and walked out the door. I ran out too only to find him waiting on the sidewalk. Sometimes I wish I didnt have a younger brother. "I'm sorry," I said in only a whisper, he only nodded and ran off in the parks direction. Since it was right down the street, I was able to see him as he ran. When we finally arrived he wanted to go on the swings. "Fine but remember kick in and out and STAY THERE I got to go to the bathroom. I headed toward the bathroom glancing over at the swing set eyeing him causiously. I entered then bathroom and splashed warm water on my face. It burned a little but it made it feel so relaxing. Afterwards I wiped my face and threw the paper towel in the trash. I headed out walking toward the swing set to notice no one on it. I frowned looking everywhere frantically. I saw a little figure run into the woods. God no.
I ran in after it screaming, "HARRY HARRY HARRY!!!!", multiple times. I noticed some people were staring at me but I ignored them. I entered the woodS with a big gust of coldness hitting me. Good thing he was wearing a jacket. I continues screaming his name when I had an idea. He hates being called Harry Styles, so if I call him that maybe he'll come out to hit me. I gave it a try.
"HARRY STYLES!!! HARRY FREAKING STYLES!!" I shouted watching my warm breath fog out into the cold air. I heard a few cracks and looked around. I frowned and felt guilt. I slid my back down on a tree scratching and tearing my clothes because of the sharp bark. I burried my head into my knees and let loose. I cried saying how Its all my fault and how I sucked, then remembering this mornings 'shuck' incident I cried even more. I heard some cracks but didn't bother to look up. I head a very familiar voice directed to me.
"Hello?" asked a low pitched voice. It sounded familiar, though it wasn't Harry, or should I say the Harry I thought it was. I snapped my head up ready to sprint away. I locked eyes with the person and noticed his looks. He had brown curly hair, (like Harry) green/hazel eyes, (like Harry) a crooked smile followed by dimples.(like Harry) UGH!!! Everything about him looked like Harry. I cried even more sniffling as I did. I felt a body crouch down beside me rubbing my shoulder up and down, trying, (but failing) to comfort me. I quickly stiffened and looked up to meet his eyes filled with worry. I shook my head along with his hand, making his hand fall to his side. I stood up wiping my jeans and eyes making sure none were left on my face melting away into my skin. "Are you okay?" he asked I nodded and headed off. I felt him follow. "Didn't you call me?" he asked sounded as confused as I was. I turned running into something warm and hard. I made a 'Umph' sond and started falling backwards when I felt arms wrapped around my waist. I glanced up at him and stood fully up unwrapping his arms around me.
"No, I did not, sorry." I said trying to sound strong but when you cry, like snott cry, it's hard to sound tough. He looked worried but just stood there I turned and walked away when I saw a figure move in the trees I first I thought it was a bird untill I heard a high pitched brittish accent say, " Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs," over and over again. I froze feeling a smile crawl onto my face. Then I heard a duck like voice saying, "Now leave me alone." I silently laughed and looked up at the trees. Nothing. My smile faltered. And began walking when I heard, I Want come on. Looked up one more time, desperately trying to find the source. I heard the dude behind my chuckle. I glanced back at him smirking. I gave it one last try with all my might. I cupped my hands over my mouth and screamed, "HARRY STYLES," I saw the guy walk up to me.
"Yes, love?" I raised my eyebrow then looked back to the tree. The music had stopped so did the movement of the trees. I was confused on why this guy was answering to Harry Styles. I heard a branch crack as I saw my brother crawling down. I forgot about the questions banging on the inside of my head as I ran up to my brother, suffocating him with a bear hug. I felt him smile in in my neck.
"Never do that again." I murmured over and over. Once I moved away from him my brother ran over to the stranger and hugged him, the kind man gave him a hug back. Who the heck was this guy?
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