Your Auddition

Rated T
Characters You Zayn Liam Harry Louis and Niall


1. The Auddition

You wake up but go back to bed, there's No way you're getting up at 6:00am.. your mom walks in and sees you're still in bed. She shakes you lightly and you just groan in annoyance. So your mom pulls off your covers and shakes your bed. You move you head to face her's with all your hair in your face. "what.." you say with that croak of morningness. "your audditions today hun." She says wiping the hair away form your face. "OH SHIT!" you think, you shoot up and check the time. 6:10am ok audditions at 7:47am and you have aroung an hour roughly. You are going to auddition for the X shoo you mom out of your room and get dressed. You walk over to your bathroom and do your hair. You think ok just leave it natural.. same with your make up. Natural. As you were doing your make up you remember that there will be a suprise judge! How Awsome it could be anyone! you walk over to your closet and pick out an outfit to wear. It's tied between your Mick jaggers tee and either you black lightly ripped jeans or your black leggings. you go with the jeans. you slip them on and fix your mick jaggers tee. You walk over to your full length mirror and remmeber that you needed shoes. You look at your black boots then your black flats with a white bow on them. You go with the flats. As you walk downstairs your mom is making breakfast. "How do I look?" you ask as you twirl around. "you look great!" she says. Your mom could't come to your auddition because she has to go to the court for a hearing. You remember that she won't be there and look down. Your Mom catches on and says "Good Luck honey. I love you remember that.." She says and kisses your forehead. After you eat you head out the door to your Black BMW. Yeah your Family is more on the wealter side. You get in and drive to the audditions. You get into the line up and they give you your number. You stick it to your leg because you don't want to reck your Mick Jaggers Tee. After you see lots of Happy contestants leave the stage and a couple of upset contestans leave they call for you. "Y/N your turn" You walk up the stage stairs and take a deep breath. You walk out with a Huge Smile on you face and then you noticed the surprise Judge is One Direction. "hello!" Niall First says, "oh hey!" You say into the mic. "Where are you from?" Louis askes "I'm From manchester." you say. In your mind your practicly peeing your self. This is One Fricken Direction! "ok hun what are you going to sing?" Simon asks. "Um I'm going to sing (Choose a song) by (artist)." you say "Ok good luck!" Simon says smiling. When the music starts you look at all the judges. Then finally each member of One Direction. As the First line comes on you sing. You have been singing not for a very long time but people say you sound good. When you finish singing the crowd Claps and Cheers and One Direction stands and Claps. A Standing ovation! From One Direction! You take a deep breath and smile wide. Simon signals for people to stop talking and cheering. "that was absoultly Incredible!" He says tapping his pen on his paper through every word. "Thank you.' you say smiling big. As everyone votes it turns out that you got a Yes from everyone! You Run Offstage with your arms in the air and you run down the stairs. "Did you get it?" Someone you met in the waiting room before asked. "yes!" you say with excitment. "congrats!" he says patting your shoulder. Before you leave a man in a black suite comes down to you. "excuse miss (your last name)?" You turn around and ask "yes?" "The Boys of one direction want to meet you.

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