Imagine -Zayn Malik- 2

Rated K+
Characters You and Zayn


1. Breakfast Surprises

In the morning you slowly open your eyes to see Zayns' face staring at you. He isn't awake yet so you try not to wake him up. You notice you are much colder than usual, you look down and notice that you are only in your Bra, and Underwear. You look under the covers to where Zayn is and he's only in his boxers. You smile at the thought of what you to have done, because you never go to bed like that. Always Shorts or Pants and a tee. You quietly move the sheet around so you are able to get up. You find your real pajamas and head out of the room. You go downstairs to the kitchen to find the whole counter filled with breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, strawberrys, bagels and more! You notice that there is a note attached to the table and it says:

Hey Babe,

I made this for you and I, but then I realized I woke up at like 6.

Thats way to early for me when i'm on Holidays. Wake me up when

you get this note.

Love Zayn

You smile at his note and right when you turn around he's there smiling like an idiot at you. "morning Babe." he says kississing your cheek. "g'morning Zayn" you say back. "so, are we going to get this started or what?" He says walking towards the table. You laugh and the two of you ate as much as you can. You gave the rest to Niall because you know you wouldn't be able to finish it! Then spent the rest of the day enjoying yourselves.

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