Imagine -Liam Payne- 2

Rated T K+
Characters You Liam and Niall (mention only)


1. Cakes

It's Nialls Birthday tommorow and you and Liam wanted to make him the cake insted of buying one this year. Liam walkis through the door. "Y/N I'm back!" He yells kicking off his shoes. "oh Good! did you get everything?" you ask helping him carry the bags to the kitchen. "yup!" he says plopping everything down. the two of you take out all the thinks you need, and all the ingreedients. "We start with the dry mixes first." you say looking at a printed piece of paper that had the recipie in it. "so like the flour and stuff." He says reaching for the flour. as he puts the bag down flour flies up and goes everywhere! You swat your hand around trying to see and you laugh when you see Liam because he's got flour all over his face. "whats so funny?" He asks. "oh nothing, it's just that you got a little something here." and when you say here you take some of the icing from the bowl and put it on his nose. Liam leaves to go to the bathroom and comes back 3 second later. "did you get it?" you ask trying to hold in your laugh. "yes actually, but I think you kave some over there!" Liam throws a handfull of Flour at your face and laughs. You take this oppertunity to get some flour of your own and throw it. And you do. The both of you are throwing flour around as the whole kitchen turns white. You and Liam are lying on the floor with you head resting on his chest while his hand gently goes up and down your arm. "We still need to make a cake" you say staring at the celing. "yeah i know.." Liam says resting his hand on your arm. The two of you lay there for a bit and stay quiet untill he says "or we could just buy him one and say we made it.." You laugh at how stupid that sounds but think that your more than likely going to do that anyways. He kisses you forehead and moves himself so that he picks you up bridal style. "Liam?" you ask "It's late Y/N, you should get some rest." He says manuvoring through the corridor. "But the kitchen, It-" "shh I'll clean it up" he says kissing your lips. You kiss him back as he drops you on the bed. "good night beautiful" he says

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