You only live twice

This is a story about Aurelia Vanderbilt.
Aurelia dies in a car accident and finds out that there's a whole world she didn't know about. She relizes she has to make the right decisions, do the right things to survive. 'Cause remember, you only live twice!


1. The accident

"Hurry up, we'll be late for your uncles WEDDING!", Mom said.

"COMING!" I was putting on my dress.

"We just CAN'T be late this time! Especially not when YOU girls are the flower girls! We have to pick up Violet from her sleepover at Grace's too!" Mom was running out of the door.

"Mom! I'm waiting for DAD. I'm ready!"

Dad came running with his pants in his hands. "Be there in a second. Just go ahead, Aur."

"Ok! I'll call Vi and tell her to get ready." I was running out of the house. I almost fell in my dress.

I called Violet: "Hey Vi! Get ready NOW! Mom's fuse is extra short today, an you know what I mean! We'll come in a moment."

"Did she answer the phone?" Mom came running with dad.

They gave me a book. A BOOK, so I wouldn't say anything while they were going to talk.

This is just an ordinary family, right? Well, in a moment all this was going to change.

I was bored, so while we were heading for Grace's I opened up the book on page 1. It had lots of songs.

"No, not now. I'll wait for Vi.", I thought.

Violet came into the car. Well, she JUMPED into the car. "Hey Aur! Like my flower dress?"

"Yeah, but look here." I opened the book again:

"Come Josephine, In my flying machine, Going up she goes, Up she goes...."

A squeal of brakes. A scream. The sound of people calling an ambulance. Then, the noise came. It was THE NOISE...

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