Guide to common birds in Greater London

I'm sorry that the area is so specific but I only really know about birds that me or someone else in my family have seen.
I doubt anyone will bother to read this but..... If you do and you know of another bird that I could add then please comment and tell me.


1. Tits -Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)

Description: Blue tits have a bright yellow breast, green back, blue wings blue tail and a white head with a blue cap. Both sexes are similar although the males are usually brighter. They have a body length of 12 cm and a wingspan of 12-14 cm.

Juveniles have much duller plumage with dark grey-green backs pale buff brown breasts and muddy yellow heads with dark green-brown caps.

Habitat: Blue tits can be found in Parks, gardens, woods etc and are common throughout most of England with the exception of a few scottish islands.



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