Alone on the carpet

When sarah wakes up she realises that she has been shrunk to the size of a pin head. her family have forgotten her and, with no idea how this has happened or how she can reverse it Sarah is forced to venture out into the world of "The carpet" Where vacuum cleaners can destroy whole villages and feet can squash counties


1. Waking up

Beep beep, beep beep

Ugh, Sarah groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes. Six o'clock, in her opinion, was far too early to get up. Then she stopped.

What had happened??? She was tiny. Her pillow was towering above like a huge flowery mountain and the folds in the duvet had formed huge caverns on the white sheets.

Grrrrrrr. She looked up and found herself staring into a pair of huge, round, golden eyes. surounded by scruffy, brown fur. For a moment Sarah was frozen stiff, but then.... "Oh it's just you Dicksie" she said sighing with relief, "I was so scared..." The kitten, however, did not seem quite so pleased to see her. It let out another low, menacing growl, and swiped at Sarah with a gargantuan paw.

She tumbled backwards, and would have undoubtedly fallen to her death if one of her feet hadn't got caught in the edge of the sheet. The cat came up from behind and softly picked up the miniture girl in it's mouth, made as if to to slink of to the cosy spot behind the cooker. But then there was the sound of heavy footfalls upon the stairs.

Sarah's heart leapt. Her Mum! Surely she could save her.

"Dicksie" boomed the voice from the doorway. "What are you doing here??! You know you not allowed in the spare room, go on. Get out" her tone becoming more threatening. "And drop that piece of fluff"

Tail between his legs, dicksie dropped Sarah on the carpet and slunk of towards his favourite hidey hole behind the cooker.

"That cat will be the death of me" Sarah's mum muttered. "Honestly puncture markes all over the sheets. Not to mention muddy paw prints on the carpet and duvet." Still muttering under her breath, she strode out of the room; leaving Sarah to ponder upon her words...................  

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