Left alone to die

This short story is about a girl becoming stranded alone in a forest after a surprising and unexpected turn of events... A killer is after her and she's finding it difficult and frightening to hide from him in the black of the night.


1. In the depths of the forest

Fear struck Charley’s body as she sat shivering uncontrollably. She peered from side to side in anticipation, but he was nowhere in sight. Frost froze over her body; her lips were crisp and numb. In the uncomfortable heap she was sat in upon the forest floor, tears began sprawling down her face. How could this have happened? How could she have ended up in a situation such as this? Daunting, eerie trees slumped over her in the black of the night. The mist arising made her feel uneasy. Blood cautiously dripped slowly from her face. She shuddered. He was out there. And he would be returning for her.

It had all happened so quickly, earlier on that very night. After being immensely proud of her accomplishments in her A levels, she had decided to celebrate with her, also ecstatic, friends. She was making the most of it at a party with them and parents also pleased with their teenagers successes. But she had been warned. ‘Slow down, Charley!’ ‘Stop drinking all that.’ ‘You’re going to regret this in the morning!’ And now it was the early hours of the morning and she was most definitely sorry. The cab driver – or supposed cab driver – had lured them into his car stating it would be too cold to walk home. As it was mid-January and the snow had taken its toll, they thought this would be the safest option. Her and her friend Jade had not noticed it going in the wrong direction, zooming past traffic at an uncontrollable speed and skidding in the ice. They didn’t know the cab was illegal. Didn’t notice the state of the cab driver. Most certainly, they could never, ever guess what he had planned for them…  

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