Don't Lie; Love

'Don't Lie; Love' is an original idea, I came up with myself.
I do a lot of fan fictions about Justin because I've molded my writing to them.
I am starting write complete originals soon, but for now I feel more comfortable with fan fictions.
I hope you all don't mind, and still will read my story.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.
My hands shook and tears swelled in my eyes as I clutched at his shirt, now stained with my emotions.
“Don’t lie,” I choked out gripping even tighter as I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth at any given moment...


1. Stupid Act;

My quote of love is stupid; it's a stupid act, so stupid that I had to write about it...

I kept on running fast, Down that lonely road to nowhere, Trying to hide from my biggest fears, As if Life couldn’t catch up with me now, What a fool I was to believe that, My heart would never get torn apart, My world would stake intact, Stupid act, Stupid act


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