My Best Movellas Friends (BMF)

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I made a list of crash Movellians..but here's a list of my BMFs ;)

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    Freedom Hearts
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    Hey, I'm Alyssa :3 I love to write fanfics and I will most likely only write fanfictions. Though, I love to write my own stories! The only warning I give you is...I am apart of too many fandoms. Homestuck,...   
    She's a real life friend and the very first person i told movellas about
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    As everybody knows, I'm a movellian, duh. And I'm a total nerd here. Nerds rock! I want to be friends with everybody but take one wrong step, I hate you...... FOREVA...... But I'll give you one more chance...   
    Second person I recommended movellas to. She's really nice and really cool ;)
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    I'm not normal. Deal with it. Hello, my name's Becca, and I love pie. And food. I also enjoy nice walks on the beach. Anyways, as you may have noticed, I am in love with Dean Winchester,...   
    Ok,hands down,she's is my favorite movellian that I don't know :3
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    So, I'm mainly gonna write about comic books, ngl - predominantly X-Men. I'm a cosplayer - prepare for a lot of in-costume selfies! They/Them pronouns for this kid, please. B) Favourite Series:-...   
    Really awesome X Men fan ;) and one of my bmfs
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    LOKIIIII! Okay,yeah,you get it.
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    Mrs. Tony Stark
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    *You can find me on under MrsTony_Stark* ♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥ ➰Proud Member of the Bat Family➰ Proud Member...   
    One of my first fans and best friends :)
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    The Girl Who Waited
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    ~Allison~ United States Hispanic and Proud   
    SQUEE~ I lurf her :3

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