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If ya dun no what "Crash" means, then it's another's word for awesome in the future. Ya know,crashin' all the modes....Nevermind. Just fan these people,please!!

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    I'm not normal. Deal with it. Hello, my name's Becca, and I love pie. And food. I also enjoy nice walks on the beach. Anyways, as you may have noticed, I am in love with Dean Winchester,...   
    Here's my best friend that I don't know personally XD she's just a really cool super leaguer and a really crash person :)
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    Mrs. Tony Stark
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    *You can find me on under MrsTony_Stark* ♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥ ➰Proud Member of the Bat Family➰ Proud Member...   
    Really,REALLY crash writer. Truly talented. Awesome stories. Really cool :)
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    To the ladies, To the gentlemen, To the young, To the old, To those who are rich, And to those who are poor, To the wise, To the foolish, To the witty, To the sly, To those who believe in magic, And...   
    Look, she started this really cool trend. Who doesn't like her? Period.
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    Sugar Arellano
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    Things I'm obsessed with: Alice in Wonderland Young Justice Harry Potter Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus Black Butler Maze Runner Hunger Games Five Nights at Freddy's I love reading and writing, but...   
    First, she likes Jelsa. I love Jelsa. I hate Jelsa haters. Well,enough about me...she's also really crash and likes young justice as well ^^
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    Hey guys!! I'm a directioner and I like manga and etc. I love my fans a lot so plz fan ;) also my b-day is June 12 and I fan back my fans😄   
    She's one of my friends' friends that I had texted before,not personally met, and she's a really crash person :D
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    She's a real Teen Titans fan and her movella on them has a really good description on their personality. No question. She's just crash.
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    Freedom Hearts
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    Hey, I'm Alyssa :3 I love to write fanfics and I will most likely only write fanfictions. Though, I love to write my own stories! The only warning I give you is...I am apart of too many fandoms. Homestuck,...   
    She's a really good writer and kinda like a fake big sissy. She's a HUGE otaku and it'll be really crash if you guys fanned her ^^
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    As everybody knows, I'm a movellian, duh. And I'm a total nerd here. Nerds rock! I want to be friends with everybody but take one wrong step, I hate you...... FOREVA...... But I'll give you one more chance...   
    So this is a real life friend I forgot to list. She's really,really nice and awesomely crash ;)