Let's Draw A Story: A Draw and Write Competition


Your pen can be used for more than just words. This time, use your pen for both sentences AND drawing!



It's time for a different kind of competition! We have noticed many of you Movellians are talented young artists, and so we wanted to challenge any of you who like to draw, sketch, doodle, paint - whatever form of art you prefer. Your piece of art is not limited to a sketchpad, nor a canvas, nor drawing software. It is up to you. Any form of art is accepted and appreciated :-) And your level of expertise does not matter either!


We welcome all artists of experience, be it years or weeks but we are still a reading and writing community, so don't forget to try and use both sides of your creativity! Draw your image with all the skill you can muster, and then write about that image with all your heart's desire! You can use original drawings & illustrations, draw a cover, or animate a video trailer.


About the Competition

A). Draw something, and describe the lore of your character or world in a short story (1500 words MAX)


B). Draw something with significance to you, and write a short story (1500 words MAX) about why you drew what you did 


An Example

It was all calm and well. The forest was quiet; the air was still and the clouds clear like glass in the sky. Many of the creatures below on the floors of the forest were frolicking and placid, eating or chatting. In the trees above, the leaves were glowing with magic; the houses that sat in the branches intertwined and seemed almost one with the trees’ natural shapes. Small, fair and humanoid creatures lived in these trues, their skin as pale as snow, and their eyes rich with colour. They were just as tranquil as the forest, and however the forest felt, they reacted as well. Sour or merry, they did what the forest did.

This place beauty once turned so sour, that the leaves on the trees started to shrivel and wilt in minutes. They floated off of the tree branches, and the wood turned dry as a poisonous fog loomed through the heavy, damp wind. And as the forest started to ache, so did the fairies. They fled as their fragile wings beat in the opposite direction to where the fog was coming from. The creatures on the ground too started to writhe, as their bodies cracked and buckled. Their bones and flesh were moulding to new forms of hideous proportions, and the air still got corpulent and torrid. The village above the ground was all but abandoned, as the forest started to die around it. But one fairy still stayed steadfast. She held her ground as the others fled, building time for her village to evacuate. She stood in a clearing on the forest turf, a place where no fairy ever dare tread. She drew her sword, more of a sickle that curved like a resentful hook. She was littered with charms and pendants, for her instincts knew what was happening. And before long, the creatures started to come out of hiding as they saw their prey smile at them smugly. 


The Prizes

The 1st place winner will receive a set of very, very good colouring and shading pens known as Copic Markers.

2nd place will receive the tutorial book, Lee Hammond's Big Book of Drawing.

3rd place will receive an awesome sketch book for future drawing.

Best cover will receive some software for future fiddling.

Best trailer will receive a Movellas-themed surprise :-)



Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

No co-author entries

Open globally



The competition ends on February 15th, 2016 (16:00 PST)  

A special thanks to @♠ Aldrin ♠ for creating the banner art and also for helping create this competition!

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