DIVERGENT Writing Competition

von , Dienstag April 1, 2014
DIVERGENT Writing Competition


Win awesome film merchandise!

To celebrate the release of DIVERGENT in Europe, we've got some amazing 100% official DIVERGENT merchandise to give away!

  • 10 winners will bag themselves a SIGNED COPY of DIVERGENT. **SCREAM**
  • 15 runners up will get a goodie bag containing a zip up top, temporary tattoo, faction wristbands, water bottle and bag.


To enter this competition: 


1. Spread the word!

Do one of the following: follow us on Twitter (@Movellas), follow us on Instagram (@MovellasOfficial) subscribe to us on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/Movellas)


2. Get creative by doing one of the following!

Include whether you've followed us on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube at the beginning of your entry with your username. 

a) In under 3,000 words, write an alternative story for Tris - based on her NOT choosing Dauntless. What faction would she choose and why? What would happen?

b) Design an amazing cover or trailer for the film

c) In under 3,000 words, write a story based on a post-apocalyptic world. Where are your family? Where do you live? How do you survive? What does the world look, feel and smell like?


PS - This competition is open to everyone :D

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