My Life as Jordan

von , Freitag Juni 14, 2019
 My Life as Jordan



Hi, I'm Jordan and this is my blog. For years, I've always wanted to start a blog, even if no one reads it. Now, I'm finally doing it. I don't really know if I should write this as in I'm talking to someone but I think I will. I guess I should tell y'all a little bit about myself. I was born July 19th, 1997 in Michigan. I would tell you my hometown but hello, I'm not trying to be stalked or anything. I have medium length dark brown hair, it's currently black tho and I'm always changing my hair color. I get bored easily with it. I'm white, have brown amber eyes, on the curvy side and i'm 5'6. I have my nose pierced and 8 tattoos, so far. I have a cat named Sox, she's my princess. I also have 2 chinchillas, they're my princes. I just graduated from college a few months ago and I'm still living at home. I work at a library, helping people on the computers. This job sucks because I have to work with old people who have no idea how to work a computer and I have ZERO patience. 

Not sure what else to tell y'all. I'm at work right now and it's a pretty boring day. Anyway, maybe i'll update y'all later today or tomorrow. 




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