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What I hate about online shopping?

Online shopping can be tedious! Yes, convenient but I can't even count how many times I got excited and jumped into a sale, just to find out months down the road that they took my money and dipped. No consideration for the fact I truly was excited, waiting for the day that the product would finally come in the mail! Just greedy con-artists that don't deserve my hard earned money!


Or on the other hand, it does come in... but it's the worst qaulity product I've ever seen in my life! Online shopping comes with so many headaches. Here's my top five and why, as well as what Athena's Armoire ( does to make these headaches as miniscule as possible for our valuable shoppers!


1. SCAMS: As mentioned above, scams are the worst! I must've spent over $100 by now ($10 here, $15 there) on products that I thought would come in the mail and then long behold, months have passed by without even a word from the company or a package in the mail. It's hard to know who to trust on the internet nowadays! But a few things I have learned after doing this over and over again is that:

  • Nothing is free! So many times that I've fallen for this is because it's offered for free, just pay shipping. That's appealing to anyone, however not usually legit. The only time I've ever seen swomething advertised as "free, just pay shipping" and actually received said product is with a company, that I would highly reccomend to anyone called POP Fit. They offer a free pair of workout pants for any new customer, followed by a second free pair if you sign up for the subscription, which you can then cancel at any time before they even bill you!
  • Everytime I've got scammed, I noticed that the websites from which I got scammed don't except paypal, so be sure to check for that. Even if you don't use paypal (I don't either) but I have gotten into the habit of checking to make sure that the option is at least there, because you can dispute transactions through paypal if anything goes wrong, so typically the sketchy websites will not have paypal so that they won't get caught as quickly.
  • I also noticed that in the instances that I have placed an order and have not received it for a few months, thinking "What the hell is going on", I will email them as anyone would, and they don't respond back. Same as if I message them via facebook. One time, I even took the liberty of typing up my complaint on a post their instagram page made, so that everyone could see it. No response to that either, so I would recommend that if your still not sure if they're legit or not, maybe email them first. Just ask a random question, doesn't have to be anything important, and see if they respond because obviously, I have had no such luck getting responses from the con-artists but real businesses usually always get back to me within one or two business days!

After just telling you all of these things, there is no easy way that I can put your mind at ease as to whether or not Athena's Armoire is a scam or not. I will give you my word that we are an online clothing retailer who values our customers, their opinions and thought about us. You can email us at and we will get back to you, and we do except paypal! We are working on getting a phone number hooked up to reach us at but as we are a small business that is not in the budget at this time. We are also working on getting a website chatbot set up to answer all your FAQS, and who will refer your to us via instant message for anything the chatbot does not know how to answer!


2. QAULITY: Online shopping can be a hassle when you order something expecting what it will look like, only to then have it come in and it's not at all what it was advertised to be. I had this happen a couple times, on a website most of you online shopping gurus have probably crossed paths with at some point or another. It's called Wish! I ordered a dress that I planned to use for prom, was only $30 but I had had good experiances with wish before so I didn't think anything would come of it. It came in the mail, and long behold, I realized it was see through! Needless to say, I had to go out and buy another dress.

Athena's Armoire is here to save the day! I, being someone who enjoys buying clothes online for convenience purposes, would hate to know that I caused this dilemma for someone else, and so I personally purchase one of every item listed on the store, try it on, make sure the size fits right, wear it for the day, decide if it's comfy, scratchy, to tight, to loose, whatever, and make a judgement as to whether or not I should take the product down or keep it up for loyal customers of Athena's Armoire to enjoy as well!


3. SIMPLICITY OR LACK THEREOF: The simplicity of navigating a website is always a must, if it takes me forever to find what I want, or unneccesary complications at checkout, I'm done! "See you never!" I'll just go find a differant website to purcahse from. Sometimes, websites will have endless pop ups and that stupid bar at the top that counts down the minutes till the sale ends, and it always stresses me out until I realise that once it gets to 0:00 it just starts all over again. Everythings all over the place and your feeling really overwhelmed. DON'T! Shopping should be fun, it's kind of like a realease I find. After a long day of working, and I get paid tomorrow, what do I want to do? Relax and buy new clothes, but who could relax when the website layout is giving me anxiety!

We try our very best to keep the website organized and similar in layout to big box store websites that you're already farmiliar with such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien, Guess, so that you can easily navigate around. Websites such as those have a uniqueness about them, but also follow a standard template. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Return Policy all at the bottom, along with links to our social media accounts and an e-newsletter sign-up. Links to the collections page, right at the top for easy access. The most popular clothing, featured on our homepage along with a detailed description of who we are! Even features such as one that allows you to change the currency from Canadian to anyone of the 4 other major currencies! (USD, Euro, Pound, AUD)


4. EMAILS: So, I like having coupon codes emailed to me too, for a particular sale that they're running or new hot clothes that they have on. But I absolutely hate getting promotional email after promotional email. I mean, this is still the medium people use to connect with they're employer, their school, their bank, the government. I have 2,033 unread emails! I try to purge my email account once and a while, get rid of all the unneccessary promotional spam emails but it takes forever! They just flood in so quickly, I can barely keep up, and I really have to go digging through my inbox to find the real emails that I need! It's at this point that I unsubrscribe, and thank god there's an option for that! It really sucks for the company though because I was subscribed for a reason, I like their brand and I want to know more, but they ruined it by sending me 5 emails a day!

As the co-founder of Athena's Armoire, I understand this issue completely and so if there's one thing that I will try and stay as far away from as possible, it is sending ouit all of those unnecessary emails. To date, I have decided to send an email welcoming people to our subscription list, maybe once in a whie an email, updating you on our newest clothing additions but my goal is to send out no more than one (or two if need be) emails to the same person in one week.


5.RETURN POLICY: The last thing is when I buy something online that the retailer neglected to mention, can't be returned. So I get it, and try to send it back but no refund, and it's months of fighting over mediums such as phone and email for something that could've been avoided if the retailer would just take some responsibility! Recently, I just bought something online, through amazon for my brother for this past christmas. (Not clothes, lol) Except, I accidentally bought two, I asked them to cancel an order but they said both had already been shipped out and that I could send one back as soon as it arrives. So, I get them, I send one back and monitor tracking to see when it arrives. For some reason, the tracking website said it had been in El Pasa for two weeks?! So I called the postage service and said "Why isn't it moving?", to which see responded "We lost track of it as soon as it crossed over the border, I'll find out where it is." After having tracked it down, she said "It arrived to it's destination on the 17th" and it's like what the hell, if it arrived two weeks ago, then where's my refund. So, I emailed the retailer and asked, but they didn't respond, so I called Amazon and they walked me through filing a report. The next day, I guess the retailer had been notified of the report so he reached out to me "Saying, I'll gladly give you your refund back, but I heard that you filed a report on me. That will bring m,y rating down so I'll refund your money AFTER you withdraw the claim. I was like, are you seriously blackmailing me for my own money! What is this! Anyways, Amazon helped me figure out the whole thig and I got my money back but why should anyone have to go throguh all that hassle just to return something, that I never even opened or used and spent a lot of money on.

Answer - They shouldn't, which is why Athena's Armoire definately has a return policy! We have not had any instances yet where someone has wanted to return a product and when/if we do ever have this situation down the road, we may not entirely know how to go about it, but we definately won't put up a fight on the customers end! Money back gaurunteed, as long as tags are still on.


Hope this helped put the biggest issues of shopping online into perspective and why, maybe Athena's Armoire should be your next favorite online shopping hub!


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