Post-Summer Vacation Feedback Chain!

von , Montag August 28, 2017
Post-Summer Vacation Feedback Chain!

Give and Receive Feedback

... in this chain!



Summer break is over for most of us, so it's back to the good old routines of either school or work (or both!) Since it can be a little tough to return after this time off, we thought "what better way to get warmed up then with a feedback chain?!"



What’s a feedback chain?

A feedback chain is basically a figurative chain of movellians in which each user gives another feedback in return for receiving feedback on their own story. It's a great way to generate new reads, widen your audience, air new ideas, and otherwise receive helpful, constructive feedback on your writing from other readers on Movellas.


How do you give good constructive feedback?

When giving feedback, you don’t necessarily have to write several pages – even a few lines could be enough to make someone happy. What’s important is to highlight the good stuff while still being constructive in your criticism. A good way to do this is to create a “sandwich.” This is where you start off by mentioning something you liked about the movella. After that, you pick one or two things that could use some improvement, and remember to choose your words carefully – this is about giving another writer the chance to grow, not bash him/her. Lastly, as the "top bun" if you will, you end on a positive note by giving another thing you liked about the style/characters/plot.


WE’VE CHANGED THINGS UP A BIT, so be aware that:

If you’d like to participate, please link one of your stories that you’d most like to receive feedback on in the comments section below. Please only pick one story for feedback. Along with the link, write if you are open to reading fanfiction or not. That way it’ll be easier to make sure that everyone gets to read a story that he/she is interested in.


Everybody should give feedback for 2 stories, and then everyone in return will receive feedback from 2 users on their story as well. We will look at your comments after the deadline below and comment a short list of who is reading & providing feedback and tag people to start the chain :)



The deadline to participate in the chain is two weeks from now, so comment before Tuesday, September 12 at 11:59 PM EST. After that, we’ll get back to you asap with a list of who will read what. There’s no specific date for when the feedback should be given by, but we’re counting on the fact that if you choose to participate you will also take the time to give other users the feedback they deserve <3


NOTICE: There’s no word limit on the stories that can participate, but feedback givers are not required to read more than 2-3 chapters per story in this feedback chain.


Let the chain begin!

Lade ...