Harry Styles Winners!

von , Dienstag August 22, 2017
Harry Styles Winners!

Winners of the Harry Styles Writing Competition

We've read all of your fanfics inspired by the ultimate muse here on Movellas... Ready to hear who won?



This writing competition was held in celebration of Harry's first solo album release that hit the ears and hearts of everyone this Summer. We've done a bit on this subject including a host of album reviews on our blog but this competition was meant to inspire and create more of what we love to read on Movellas already - Harry Styles fanfiction! 


While some would argue there are better subjects for these kinds of fanfics than former 1D band members - this competition proved that wrong in showing just how powerful, romantic, and charming these stories are when the characters we know and love are found within them. There were many entries that participated in this competiton and so picking the finalists made judging extra hard, but the winners are well worth the read... 


Winners will receive Spotify giftcards! We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks to everyone who took part :)



Best Fanfic

Five Days by Oh Hipsta Please




Runner Up

♡What Makes You Beautiful♡ by Angie.S




Best Cover

Head Trip by Squonk Of The Nightshade




Here we also have two honorable mentions from the competition, both have the same writer and get off to a running start when it comes to an intriguing plot so... now all we need is the latest chapter update!

Forever and Always by Blurry Face & BrandyLuvsOneDirection


Quest by Blurry Face





Winners will be contacted by email.

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