Harry Potter GIFs: My Experience of the Series

Harry Potter GIFs: My Experience of the Series

by Spongebobninja☕️


Recently, I decided that I was missing out on something. I had never watched any of the Harry Potter films (even though we have them at home) or read any of the books! So I'd bought the first book, and I absolutely loved it. Then I went on to watch up to the 4th movie and boy, was I missing out! They were actually so good, the story line, the actors, everything!


My favourite part would be the quidditch scenes. Sometimes I wish it was a real life game, I would definitely play it. 

The world of Harry Potter seems like such an amazing place!

Here are some of my favourite Harry Potter gifs. Feel free to share what you love about the series or your favourite gifs or pictures! 




Thank you to Spongebobninja☕️ for writing this awesome blog :)


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