To Blog or Not to Blog - That is the Question

Now you can share your own blogs on Movellas

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There is a new feature on Movellas! Maybe you have already noticed the little 'new' icon underneath the 'blogs' menu. Now you can write and share your own blogs with the rest of us on Movellas. Don't worry about when or how, we only recommend to sit back and write. Below is a small tutorial on how it works and a few things you should think about before you start blogging too.

How to Get Started

The first thing you do is click on 'Write a blog' in the menu options above. This will take you to a page where you can select a title and picture for your blog. Remember to choose the language - otherwise your blog might not end up on the English-speaking side of Movellas ... Click 'Save'.


Then you will be guided to a new screen where you can start writing your blog. Just like you would normally write a movella.

You must select a subtitle and type a small 'teaser' at the top of the blog which will hopefully make people want to read your blog :) You can always edit what you write, and you can even save the blog as a draft to work on it more before you publish it. Again, just like when you write stories!
Once you are done and happy with your blog, then it's time to save and publish!
 Alternatively, you can save your blog and only publish it when you are ready.
Some Advice about Blogging


One of the most important things when you blog is to be blogging about 'something,' it almost goes without saying. But with that, we believe that the content you create should mean something to you. You need not be an expert in the field of blogging, that will shine through something that interests you or that you have a passion for. Otherwise, blogging becomes boring for the readers and they promptly click away, as we know from experience ...

In addition, it is a good idea to write in an understandable language, where everyone can participate. If you can also write something catchy and interesting, there is a greater chance of retaining your readers, rather than go for a technical topic like heavy manufacturing ;)
Consider how much time you will spend on your blogs and the readers that you want to keep! For example, if I type "looking forward to the next week, and then post a 10-page guide on how to restore your phone after dropping it in the "toilet" and in so doing, you may seem untrustworthy and readers do not know what they can expect. There are no rules on how long a blog should be, but it's a good idea to set some goals and frameworks for yourself before you get started - just like when you write a story!
We could write much more on the subject, but would rather leave it up to you and how you want to color your blog. Finally, we just wanted to remind you that about 70% of the blogging is all about marketing, i.e. more blogging does not simply create more readers. What is key is writing better blogs and knowing where and when to share them, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or in the community on Movellas.

So, spread the word about the new feature!
 It's just about time to get started, and we're looking forward to reading your blogs!


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