Announcing the winners of the Spoken Word Competition!


Our guest judge, Tonya Ingram, has chosen her top four picks!


The Spoken Word competition on Movellas was certainly a new experience. For the first time, entries were based solely on video performances, which pushed many of us reclusive writers out of our comfort zones. The results were fantastic and, we would say, completely worth the discomfort! If you recall, Tonya Ingram is our guest judge, as she is a talented Spoken Word artist with plenty of competitions under her belt. We were lucky enough to have her say a few words of encouragement for Movellians and we would like to send her a big THANK YOU for her time and effort in this competiiton.

The winners that Tonya has chosen for the Spoken Word competition will win a book of poetry each. Congratulations!



1. Identity by BitofAFangirl


"I loved [BitofAFangirl's] message and ability to bring the listener in and take us on the journey with her." - Tonya


2. Enough by Pikachunicorn



"My award for most creative video goes to 'Enough'" - Tonya


3. Virtual Hug by Satellite23




4. Thing I am Most Grateful For by Rebecca Clearwater





Tonya would like to thank us for the opportunity. She encourages everyone to keep writing. In her own words, "YOU are necessary!"



Winners will be contacted by email.

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