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Run You Fools - Gandalf
Proudly Wordsmith
Just a few words to describe me: writer, reader, sarcastic, day-dreamer, sassy, a nerd, perfectionist, perceptive.

Alter ego: Maleficent (New Version)

Harry Potter:
Ravenclaw: MidnightLumos6737
Favourite Harry Potter character/s: Hermione/Fred and Remus Lupin.
Sorry, but no, Snape was not hero.
Dumbledore quote: While we may come from different place, and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

Doctor Who:
Doctor: 9 & 12
Companion: Clara & Rose.
Doctor Quote: We're all stories in the end, just make it a good one eh? - 11.
Shut up. - 12

Elementary will never be as good.
Sherlock quote: Aren't ordinary people adorable? - Moriarty.

Genre: Fantasy and some social realism. Occasionally just whatever else I think up

Favourite food: Chocolate. (I mean what else, right?)

Guilty pleasure: Personality quizzes & Random quotes.

  • Queen of Dreams Wordsmith

    mumbled "Please Check This Out!"

    Hey Guys,

    Please check out 100 tales of My soul; it is a collection of short stories.

    I'm interested in including other people's short stories in this collection, so if you're interested, or even if you just read and like the stories; please comment and let me know I'd really appreciate the feedback :)

    Thanks xx
  • Queen of Dreams Wordsmith

    mumbled "My Neverland - Just a little magic"

    The snow drifted down in a constant kind of rhythm. Never slowing, never ceasing. Peter Andrew Darling sat by the fire in the large nursery, his brother downstairs playing a board game with their father. Peter stared dejectedly out of the window. He was too tired to do anything much, but yet still not ready to sleep. He simply remained simmering by the warm glow of the fireplace.
  • Queen of Dreams Wordsmith
    Then there is another voice, a horrible, evil voice reminding you of that assignment due next week, and the exam you really do need to study for... Dammit Magonagall, I'll study later ok??
    Another One of Those Poetry Things
    Another One of Tho...
    4 years ago
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    I guess I know what my next poem's gonna be about. ;)

    On another note, I'm officially calling my mother Mcgonagall from now on. XD

  • Queen of Dreams Wordsmith
    "Goldfish are an essentially evil creature."
    Why is this may I ask???
    4 years ago
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    I know right? There's just no way they can't be villains. XD

    Am I a fan of Sherlock? Psshhhhhhhhhh, isn't everybody? ;)
    That is such a good name for a goldfish!!! If I ever ever get one, I am so stealing that name! :D ;)
    Queen of Dreams Wordsmith
    Feel free! My whole plan was to get a young cat and dog name the cat Sherlock and the dog Watson. And any pet names would come from Greek mythology! I love turtles, so if I ever got some I'd name them Apollo and Artemis!! :)
    4 years ago
    That sounds amazing! My friend got a dog recently, and I begged her to call it Ares! She didn't, but I still think it's an awesome name! :)
  • Queen of Dreams Wordsmith

    mumbled "Just A Warning"

    If you ever find yourself lost there, this you should know....
    I am creating a handbook/guidebook for those lost in the dark and dangerous places from fairy tales and fandom's alike, simple comment a place and brief description of it and where it's from below or on the story itself to get your chosen place in the 'Warning' book!! :)
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