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Edinburgh, Awesome, Ethnically Eastern, love food, and the abyss among the indescribable sounds of paper moving.

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  • Death Is A Gift
    Death Is A Gift
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  • XNieko

    Guess who's back?

    5 years agoSvar
    WOW! it is absolutely amazing to see how big EXTREME WRITERS has grown. I have been away for a looooong time, but I'm back and ready to rumba!

  • XNieko
    7 years agoSvar
    Wow! I really like this, here are some things you can review overe and see if you want to alter them;
    1. The first word should be changed to 'the' because 'your' adds too many yous for one sentence.
    2. 'wanted to please her when she looked' to 'as she looked' it just flows better.
    3. the second paragraph kinda confuses me as you say you don't want to see her but then you say you have seen her! (i may have miss read)
    4. Second paragraph and the last 'do' could be put in italics for more emphasis.
    5. 'our first meet was the best meet' could be 'our first meeting was the best'
    6. 'when they and you' should be rewritten as it does make sense but doesn't look/sound very professional!
    Sorry I only have time to read 'letter one' other than that I really love this and cant wait to sit down and read the rest! ;-)
    Seventeen Days Until Heaven
    Seventeen Days Unt...
    I hate getting so many ideas :'( ~ Anyway, the blurb: ~ You're going to die, and I know when. I hate knowing when you're going to die, it's worst than not knowing. Because I'm too scared to properly...
  • XNieko
    7 years agoSvar
    My Input sucks! (excuse my language) Umm...Lia please delete my chapter for my own sake!!!
    Writers block!
    Writers block!
    We are going to give you tips of handling it and more... :P
    7 years ago
    Hah! Thats better!! ;-D
  • XNieko
    7 years agoSvar
    Good! Just Some Spelling and Grammar that really needs to be fixed, if the best is what you aim for! Other than that very good! Keep it up, you have good potential. :-D
    My step dad
    My step dad
    AMIE P.O.V My name is Amie, i am 9 years old. My favirout boy band is ONE DIRECTION! I could swer that I had heard Louis voice before, once when i was a child. I swer that I have herd Lou crying when...
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson
    thanks... I think! xXx
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