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Hey :D I really like your writing and I liked reading the fantastic movellas on here. If you read mine, favorite, like, or comment :)
I like a lot of music including One direction and Sleeping with Sirens.
`fan of J.K Pansear :D
`Im also a lammy :)
`Lovely (: Fan of Emily
I'll call you guys me sweets ^.^I
Put this in your bio and i'll love you forever <3
_| |_| |_| |_
| I loovvee|
| cake!!!!!!!|
^ get it it's cake :)

  • ~WritingWizard<3~

    mumbled "New Writing"

    So i looked back at My secret love and was like...wow..
    it was not my best and i think thats because towards the end i had no idea what to write anymore. So, i making a new movella and i promise to try my whole way through! Do you guys have any tips for me? i plan on shorter chapters and more grammar and etc. Comment whatca think!
    ~Lena xx
  • ~WritingWizard<3~

    mumbled "BUSYYY"

    hey guys. I've bee super super busy lately, living that cheer life. I'm not sure if i should even keep the account active. I prob will be i wont be updating soon. In the meantime check out My secret lovewhich i ended and waiting for love which is just starting Thanks! Love you!
    ~Lena xx.
  • ~WritingWizard<3~

    mumbled "Why????"

    I'm so bad. Bad at everything. I have 25 fans. :( and nobody ever comments on my stupid mumbles. I just want to be heard but my writing isnt good enough. i guess thats all
    6 years ago
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    Hi Writing Wizard. It's not uncommon for mumbles to get no comments. Check the mumbles page. You're kind of lucky to get two comments on this mumble.
    Try not to worry about it. Just concentrate on pumping out awesome movellas, and helping people with theirs.
    Thanks for the tips guys.
  • ~WritingWizard<3~

    mumbled "Update!!!!!"

    HI. so ive been really busy lately. School started and i have cheerleading practice everyday. Also, tons of homework!!!!!!! SO i'll deffo be updating soon. Promise by the end of this week. So yup get exciteddddddddd! Ahhhhhhh .-. ^-^ ^_^ hehe
    okay bye.
    ~Lena <3
  • ~WritingWizard<3~
    Its good! But im confused Because u say some words they say in England and some people say in America! Where is the setting?
    Love Conquers Evil
    Love Conquers Evil
    Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen?...
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