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Hello! this is my new profile this is Majesticstories21! this is my new profile my previous story Falling for the enemy will be transferred and continued had to make a new account lucky for me I had all chapters saved to my computer so I didn't have to do a lot so now that ihave internet and new email address I will be writing daily!!!!

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    wow so many followers i love it im so excited to see how many follows and hits im getting thanks so much and please let me kn ow what you think faling for the enemy chapter 5 will be out tomorrow
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    ty! I'm working on chapter 5 it will be out tomorrow and I will def take that feedback and help improve my story thanks so much!
    Falling for the Enemy
    Falling for the...
    When Ember Matthews found out she was getting transferred to Hogwarts to finish her lessons she knew she was going to stand out her rainbow eyes and extraordinary beauty always drew attention that’s why...

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