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☯Just a girl writing stories and poems..

  • WorldsImagine
    Oh my goodness this is so great!! Love it soo much! It is flipping amazing! :)
    Those Who Kill for Love (Short Story)
    Those Who Kill for...
    Rage, fury, fire all burned inside of me. Xander had taken away from me the one thing that had ever meant something to me, even before I was turned. Theo was dead because of him, now he must die.
    Ashlee Renee
    5 years ago
    Thank you!!!!! This has made me as happy as you are! :P
    5 years ago
    Good!! Its so amazing :)
  • WorldsImagine
    Amazing. I like your style of writing.
    One Legend : Origins of Panik
    One Legend : Origi...
    A young boy adopted by the King of the strongest city on the continent must keep his secret hidden away out of fear. After a twisted turn of events, the prince realizes that in order to fulfill his goal...
    5 years ago
    Really? Thank you it means a lot!
    5 years ago
    Yeah! Its really cool! I actually wish I could write like that!
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