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    mumbled "I'm sorry"

    6 months agoSvar
    I'm sorry that I reposted stories, I didn't really know it was all that bad until y'all told me. I'm grateful that most of you were civil about it, cause I wasn't doing it to get attention or anything. I was just posting them here cause I wanted to be able to read them on my phone. I didn't like that some of you were so hostile about it, cause I really didn't know it was a bad thing to do. Nobody ever told me that. So thank you guys for being so nice about it for the most part. I won't do it again.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    proof-read and EDIT EDIT EDIT like MAD until they are what you think to be pristine and flow... that's part of writing -- FYI you did nothing wrong... Welcome to the zeal of writing... :-)
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