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l YouTube Addict l Band obsessed l

  • veronicame1o
    4 years agoSvar
    BajanCanadian - Jess - Best Friend
    YouTube Imagines
    YouTube Imagines
    Comment a youtuber, your name, and the relation you want with them: brother, boyfriend ect.
  • veronicame1o
    4 years agoSvar
    New Competitors - BajanCanadian , JeromeASF , Deadlox , Mr. Woofless , Vikkstar123 , I could name so many YouTubers..... Also there are the ones in Comedy - Ricky Dillon, Miranda Sings, Jenna Marbles, I could go forever.....
    The YouTube Games
    The YouTube Games
    Once a year comes an event that decides who is truly the greatest YouTuber. This event has been dubbed as "The YouTube Games". Each contender must undergo different trials to emerge victorious against...
    8 months ago
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  • veronicame1o
    5 years agoSvar
    Oh my god please add more this story is AMAZING. I must know what happens next!!!
    Journeys (A Bajancanadian FanFic)
    Journeys (A Bajanc...
    When Katie moves to Montreal, Canada, she expects her life to be a pretty normal, college life. It turns out life can be FULL of surprises. Enjoy! :) PS:yolo
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