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    a very detailed and meticulous lesson, it really has a lot of values, I will learn a lot thanks
    Don't mess with the bad girl
    Don't mess with...
    claire is a girl who moved because her mom wanted her to and she's had a crush on this guy forever, and she has the best brother anybody in the whole world could ask for.
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    Very good idea I will always support you
    Confessions of a High School Supermodel: Take Two
    Confessions of a...
    *FINALLY STARTED!* This is the sequel to my original movella, Confessions of a High School Supermodel! All feedback and suggestions welcome! Maddie's story continues...
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    I want to tell you that you have a great share of the information gathered from you making me rich knowledge
    Online Romance
    Online Romance
    Insecure Taylor creates a fake online account but things change when she meets James. Unwilling to admit her wrongdoings, Taylor worries James will realise her lies. But Taylor tries her best to hold on...
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