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  • naho_iki
    2 years agoSvar
    Update: Hey everyone! If you haven't read my last mumble, than remember that I'm TommosFallen_Angel, and that I had changed my name due to personal reasons. Other than that I'm now a high school senior and have left my other high school where some guys gave me a hard time. I've grown a little and am happy and healthy. Though there's still stress from school and college applications, I'm still happy. I hope you're all happy as well, and would like to apologize for not updating my stories. I've slowly just stopped writing stories in general because I have started working on my artwork more. I have also started showing a lot of interest in K Pop and K Dramas, and have been doing some traveling.

    Other than that, how are you guys? How are you all coping during the 1D break? What's new?

  • naho_iki

    mumbled "tommosfallen_angel fans"

    3 years agoSvar
    Hey fallen angels! I've changed my name from TommosFallen to Naho Iki. I really wanted to try out a new name, and I hope you all like it! Also don't worry my beloved friends, I am working on updates! I'm just trying to make sure everything is perfect before publishing. I have more new stories that will be published soon as well!
    3 years ago
    Thanks girl! :D
    3 years ago
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    Ok I love ur account and your a/n telling us were beautiful was super sweet!
    3 years ago
    Haha awe thanks! And I mean every single sweet thing I write. I don't just consider you guys as fans, but also my family. <3
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