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Hi!! My names Em. I'm 13.
I'm hyper, crazy and what my friends and I like to call Slap-happy!
You may think I'm a weirdo, that's okay. :)
(Plus I am a weirdo! :P)
Soccer is my life!
Christian! <3

My family, my friends and my teammates are REALLY important to me. If you hate on them, you'll have to deal with me.

  • TheHeartWithin

    mumbled "Hey I'm new. :) "

    Ok so I'm not entirely new but I thought I'd create a new account to just start over. I will do a Fan for a Fan. Also if you want me to check out any of your stories let me know! : D
    6 years ago
    Plz could u check out my comp
    Writing CompWriting Comp A competition where you battle it out, head to head. You will be given a certain amount of time, to write a story in a given genre. Any...
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