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Old soul tangled in red fate strings

  • thefourthmusketeer

    mumbled "cringe"

    God I cringe so hard reading my old writing cause I'm trying to be old and poetic and dramatic and it's just not working...

    Then again I cringe at everything I write because it doesn't feel mature or poetic and I will probably cringe at my writing five ever
  • thefourthmusketeer
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    AAAH TEEEEEEE!! How have i gone so long without reading your brilliance?? Absolutely brilliant and gorgeous as always, your eloquence is stunning and you have such a gift for expression x
    Get her to Gretna Green
    Get her to Gretna...
    Following an estranged auntie's letter, Caro and her boyfriend pack up in the night and head for Gretna Green. The search for answers gives them the excuse to run, but what exactly are they willing to...
    4 years ago
    Oh my goodness, thanks so much honey! Glad you enjoyed x x
  • thefourthmusketeer

    this is such a cool and beautifully amazing head cannon. the vengeful streak is brilliant and so clever. I feel absolutely gutted and delighted at the same time and uuugh you are the master of emotion

    I know this will be one of those stories that makes me shiver and think every time I run over it again
    little white lie
    little white lie
    In the aftermath of the choosing ceremony, a girl deals with the consequences of the wrong choice.
  • thefourthmusketeer
    If I didn't love and respect you as much as I do, I would have to kill you for jealousy. This is genuinely one of the most incredible things I have ever read, and I can't believe how easy you've made it to fall in love with this story. You deserve every bit of success and happiness that comes from this.

    Ps, I think you should cast saoirse ronan in the inevitable film version (wherever) so we can meet and fan girl over her. Feel free to incorporate max Irons too x
    The Collected Accounts of June Bloomer
    The Collected Acco...
    Across newspapers and television, seventeen year old June Bloomer is being shredded across the country for the cataclysmic events she caused in the quiet town of Johnston's creek. However months after...
    5 years ago
    Iona darling, can't you see I sucked all the talent from you to make this? I've been devouring your wit from day one of our friendship. Oh dear, I really needed this comment. I've been so cautious about this (did I waste all my time writing it? exc) and well, I really value your opinion. You as June, obvs. And then Saorise for Aubrie or maybe Eleanor. Jeremy as the O'Clock father; Max as Tim O'Clock! :)

    P.S I hope you're feeling better, and will be in tomorrow so I can thank you to oblivion (with as little personal contact as you'd like;)
  • thefourthmusketeer
    gosh natalie, i think you have the mind of a wise old monk in the body of a smoking hot teenager. truly, such a brilliant insight and so eloquent!
    Early Observation
    Early Observation
    The blemished, biased confessions of youth by a young someone. It's perceptive truth and brutal reality. Acknowledging one day it will slip through soft palms into wrinkled hands silently. Redrafted through...
    6 years ago
    I'm glad the vibe i'm going for is working, wow that's so kind on both a physical and spiritual level! honestly thank you so much I really appreciate you taking the time out to read it x
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