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You can call me Ash.

I don't really talk that much.

But I like words.

And My Chemical Romance. Since Gerard is cute. And amazing.

  • the_world_is_ugly
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    This is so sweet :) I love it
    He's Special
    He's Special
    This poem is dedicated to my very precious, lovely, seven-year old, down syndrome brother.
    7 years ago
    Really, thank you! You're sweet too!
  • the_world_is_ugly

    mumbled "Can someone help me with this?"

    "I lept rather ungraciously to the sidewalk,"
    Is that used right, the word 'ungracious' in that sentence?
    7 years ago
    Instead of saying 'leapt rather ungraciously', try a more accurate verb. For instance:
    "I fell to the sidewalk", "I half-leapt, half-fell to the sidewalk", "I staggered onto the sidewalk", "I hit the sidewalk like a fat Z-list celebrity on Strictly Come Dancing", "I hit the sidewalk like a wonky dog turd", etc... ;)
    Haha, okay, thank you.
  • the_world_is_ugly
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    I like your style.
    One thing though, comparing water to falling down in a herd sounds a little odd. Not to be overly critical, but a herd makes me think of animals. Maybe "They fall down in torrents" or something.
    Water's Journey
    Water's Journey
    This is a poem I decided to write, inspired by this years poetry day theme, water. It tells the tale of water's journey, the various places it goes, and the sounds it makes. Please let me know what you...
    7 years ago
    Thank you for this advice
  • the_world_is_ugly
    I like this :)
    It's kind of depressing, haha, but that doesn't make it a bad story. I'm very interested in what's coming next.
    Your description is good.
    The fire that danced in her eyes was a sign of rage; pure hatred and anger as she watch her own sacred memories burn before her. The fire flickered as the light itself was source of her eternal darkness...
    7 years ago
    Thank you very much :)
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