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Hi! My name is Bianca. I'm 13 years old. Please read my story, because i put some time into it :) Ps. Hit the fan button and show some friends, i'd really appreciate it :)

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    Its updated! Sorry that it wasn't so long,ill update more in the week.
    Friends Forever and Always
    Friends Forever...
    It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around...
  • talkativeunicorn
    this is pretty cool! I love it ^_^ very exciting, Beau brooks love story? Check out mine if you have time :)
    Marzia moves out of her home in italy to see her bestfriend Daniel. When she gets there, She meets Ariana grande and The rest of the janoskians. What they dont know is how horrible she use to have it back...
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    Sorry for not updating. I broke my laptop
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