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  • Stuart lewsey evans
    I've put this on my list of books to read. :-) looks good
    The Epidemic Revised Version
    The Epidemic Revis...
    In New York, fifteen year old Catharine Gorman finds out that her mother is sick. When she dies, her daughter struggles to survive in the City that never sleeps, while the Military enforces the law.
  • Stuart lewsey evans

    mumbled "NEW STORY"

    HI GUYS , can I ask you all a big favor? I have posted a sample of a new story : GREY-STONE WOODS, could you leave me a message if you feel this story is worthy of carrying on or not. I will return all favors and review your own work as a thank - you. I'm seriously thinking about working on this story,after re -writes and have ideas for a possible serious but really need help to know if it is worth doing, thanks
    stu :-)
    Stuart lewsey evans
    Story taken down due to lack of reviews. I thought we were here to enjoy stories and help each other. I always review what I read to help others and I needed it for this story.
  • Stuart lewsey evans

    mumbled "THANK YOU!"

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    I just wanted to write this to thank each and every person who has read DARK DOG. It is now at over seven thousand reads, which I am so grateful for. That volume of poems is complete now and I don't know yet when will start the next or where that will go. It was an emotional journey as well as a personal one. If only one person was helped by it, or simply enjoyed it. I feel like would have achieved what I set out to do. THANK YOU all again, STU :-)
  • Stuart lewsey evans

    mumbled "OMG GUYS!"

    6280 - READS for Dark dog - my God guys thank you all so much, every single person who has taken the time to read those poems. Thank you from my very heart. It was a year long journey just to write those and emotional at times, if just one of those poems moved anyone, just one person I can smile.
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