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You're probably lost, but HI anyway ;)
I'm a hard-core Potterhead, even though I only joined the family in late 2013 ~ unfortunately I was never read Rowling's masterpieces as a child...but it's never too late!
I'm also a nerdfighter, a tribute, a sherlockian, a whovian and a jedi knight ;)
I'm a Ravenclaw; Elder with Dragon Core, fourteen and a quarter inches, hard.
Mainly I'm a Potterhead :D

Oh! And I'm WELSH. You know, the country that also has a role in Great Britain, cos, it's NOT JUST ENGLAND ;)

Dw i'n falch o fod yn Cymraeg.

  • Accio_Snowflake

    mumbled "First-to-third"

    Hi guys,
    If anyone is interested...I've been having a bit of trouble lately with Hermione. I've been wondering whether I should carry on writing (which is something I want to do) and whether I should change the narrative from first person to third...let me know what you think.
    always ~snowflake~
    5 years ago
    Keep writing how it is
    5 years ago
    I really like Hermione the way it is, but if you're having issues then definitely try a different POV if you need to. Anything that helps you write. Even just forcing yourself to write the next scene- I had a hard time a while back and started off with a flat tire, just because I could. I think I edited it out in the end, but you get the idea :)
    5 years ago
    Thank you both for your input! I think I might try writing it in third and I'll see what it's like when I've finished the chapter :) thanks again - cc is much needed/appreciated!
  • Accio_Snowflake
    Hey guys,
    I know that no one ever reads these (because no one ever replies...) but I just thought I'd share with you how much fun I'm having writing Hermione!
    I went looking for a first year timetable, so I've been working on that all morning, as well as a new chapter! :D
    I might even have it finished today!

    On another note, I realise that I've lost a fan ~ although 27 is fab, considering I hardly ever update and my writing isn't even that good, I feel really downhearted that I've bored someone enough for them to un-click the fan button. I don't know what to do!

    If anyone really wants to make my day, feel free to reply and tell me how I can get more fans! :')

    Always. ~snowflake~
    Annabeth Fett
    5 years ago
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    I keep losing fans

    And I'm at school most of the time

    Curse you school
    When I'd rather be a Jedi
  • Accio_Snowflake
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    This is about Hazel Grace Lancaster turning 18 without Augustus and helping Isaac get over new betrayal from Monica.
  • Accio_Snowflake

    mumbled "Hermione"

    I updated!!!!!!!!
    It's been aaaaaages since I last uploaded Hermione, but I'm glad to say that I've finally finished another chapter! I've been working on this slowly for ages, and I'm a) not that proud and b) glad that I've finished....
    however, I have (if some of you super-keen potterheads have realised) missed the whole part of the banquet etc., from this chapter in the book, but that'll be the next chapter; I just needed something published!
    It feels so good to be back!
    Let me know what you think! (and if anyone actually reads my mumbles apart from @[AccioMetria])
    Always ~snowflake~
  • Accio_Snowflake

    mumbled "Hermione"

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    DO NOT FRET for I AM writing!! (For all of you fretters out there!) I've been working on it over the weekend and I've added quite a bit tonight, but it is taking FOREVER! It is, obviously, the banquet and the sorting...and in Harry Potter ATPS, there is about 5 pages of writing left for me to convert into Hermione's POV.

    ALSO I'm working on a collab with @[AccioMetria] and @[Kaitlin Siân Clearwater], so that's taking up some of my time...as well as revising for my French on Thursday and just generally being me, I don't have MUCH time for writing...but I try to get as much as I can in!

    Please stay with me! And feel free to read my other work too XD

    Always. ~snowflake~
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