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Hello, I'm Eileen Prince! :)
I love writing (surprise, surprise!) and also reading. I suppose I have technically been writing stories since I was eight years old, but I only really got into writing at the age of ten, following an 'inspirational' school trip that set my imagination going properly. I write anything and everything, including poetry and historical fiction, in varying degrees of quality... and, yeah. I don't really know what else to put. I hope you enjoy my stories!

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    mumbled "Have not completely vanished."

    Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that I have seemingly vanished from Movellas. Don't worry, I can tell you now, because I am not dead/ill/in a crisis/ignoring everyone etc. What I have actually been doing is attempting to build up my Wattpad audience (name: MissLacybee) and writing more stories. I have not forgotten you all and (don't tell Wattpad's owners) I miss you guys! I will try to be on more often from now on.
    Eileen :)
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
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    Hows the Wattpad thing going ? I found it a bit impersonal
    Eileen Prince
    1 years ago
    Yeah. It's going ok, thanks. I mean, it's a much bigger place and you don't get to know quite as many people...
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    mumbled "Update to 'Becca' (Chapter Two)"

    Becca"If you scorn me first, sir, you can bet on your life that I'll scorn you second and the final word of our petty little argument will be mine to keep." ...

    Also, thank you so much to all of you who have commented, read, liked etc, so far :) x.
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    mumbled "New poem chapter"

    Dear Madam'So prettiest of petals, Angriest of flame, Cross thy paths together And collide as one long lane.'

    This one's called 'Darkness'.
    There will be more, soon. Promise! :)
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