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Loves a good story that has plot twists and loves to go past what we humans can imagine!
Playing violin & piano
write, draw

I would like to bring the world full of love, sadness, and happiness. First I will start here, then I will start to play music across the world one day!
I love to add feelings into my stories. I started writing stories some years ago. But, I never knew I could post them online! Funny huh?
I actually laugh and cry when I'm writing this. I cry a lot when I put sad things in my books.
Useless info.
Is a girl
loves food
I am someone who you never know well. No one will!
Quotes I love!
"Stars shine in the darkness only"
"Fate works in a cruel way"
I love the world. If I am a bit harsh then that means I care for you. All I try to do is put others before myself. But I guess that doesn't work a lot. After that they hate me. But, that is Ok with me. But, I don't like losing the people I love. But, I guess that will always happen to me. :)
Anyway, may you have a nice day!