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Well! First; I am crazy! That's so nuts and I know :D
I am known for my humour, my dizzying (<--- blah) smile and my laughter XD
My imagination is wild and loud and has no limits (as if)
The following quotation defines my stories (I think)
"If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you really must write it." Toni Morrison.
I am a hopeless romantic (Am I now?) & I am always keen to space out to the annoyance of my siblings (Hah!).
I like everything to be tidy and clean but you can ALWAYS find dust on the shelves! So that's REALLY "???" because my siblings call me a cleaning freak, though it's only because I don't want crumbs on the carpet and to actually be able to walk inside my room by touching the floor without stumbling on whatnots and everything!
So ... that's like me in a nutcase.
Did I mention that I like to read and write and drool? XD
If you're a book nerd and want to recommend/discuss/discover books you might want to check this group out, called: Book Nerds.. :)

PS: (If you want me to read something of yours, I will. But if you want a comment it won't be more or less than your comment on my story. Go figure.)