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When he loves you he will show it. Not by flirting with other girls but by hugging you and wanting to talk to you everyday. Because your the only girl in his world that matters.
Oh hi! It's just me shyshy...that's my nickname
I love you all!!

  • Shyshy loves Adam

    mumbled "My book!"

    Thanks to all of you guys I know it's new and I thought it wasn't that good but I got a lot of likes and favorites! (Well to me!) thanks!! Oh by the way it's called cause he said so!!
  • Shyshy loves Adam

    mumbled "What's the point..."

    What's the point of forgiving if you don't know if they will do it again.
    What's the point of living if there is nothing to live for.
    What's the point of trying when there is nothing to try for
  • Shyshy loves Adam

    mumbled "She hurt me...."

    She lost my trust
    She called me names
    She didn't even care
    I don't know why I even tried being her friend
    She called me a fake
    She called me a bitch.
    That girl was my best friend.
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