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Hi, my name is Em. It's nice to meet you! Welcome to my Movellas profile. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Amazing Grace

af , torsdag 18. maj, 2017
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Amazing Grace


My salvation and testimony 

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  •   Em

    mumbled "Nanowrimo"

    9 hours agoSvar
    Currently writing; I just want to scream in frustration!


    Well back to the drawing board.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Em calm down you need to take a chill pill girl take a break from writing and just watch Netflix
  •   Em

    mumbled "Yep!!!!"

    12 hours agoSvar
    Definitely going to have to go through this novel and polish it up.
    Y'all are getting the first 16 chapters.
    After that, I'm revamping the whole thing. Editing, removing, moving, adding, polishing up grammar and sentence structure. Making it sound like a teenager didn't write it.
  •   Em

    mumbled "Guess what?"

    15 hours agoSvar
    UnwrittenInspired by the Tudors with Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine If you haven't read it yet; I suggest you do, the major plot twist is coming up soon. J...

    Another chapter has been published!

  •   Em

    mumbled "Unwritten"

    1 days agoSvar
    UnwrittenInspired by the Tudors with Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine If you haven't read it yet; I suggest you do, the major plot twist is coming up soon. J...

    A new title, a new cover, it's been slightly revamped. More revisions coming in December.
    Until then, if you like history, if you like fiction, if you like royalty. This classic twist on history is the book for you
  •   Em

    mumbled "Theories"

    2 days agoSvar
    To my mom who sent me this: I love my mom!
    25) Prince Eric is Hook's real father
    False we see Hook's father in a flashback ep
    24) Jefferson is a time lord
    23) Zelena is Rumplestiltskin's daughter
    No, her father was a man named Jonathan, she was born and given up before Cora even met Rumple
    22) Madame Mim was a Dark One
    21) Emma is the Swan Princess
    No, she's the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White; her name was chosen by a book she was reading as an orphan
    20) The Hocus Pocus Witches are apart of the Coven of the 8
    We've seen the coven of the eight in season 7. None of them are the Hocus Pocus witches
    19) Emma is Elizabeth Swann and Hook is Jack Sparrow
    Hey, that's my theory!
    18) The Dragon is Mushu from Mulan
    Actually, that does sound plausible
    17) The Neverland Mermaids work for Ursula
    This has been confirmed.
    16) Regina cursed herself with an infertility curse
    Duh, we already knew that. Season 2 anyone?
    15) Robin Hood taught Snow White how to shoot a bow and arrow
    No, it was actually Hercules. Season 6
    14) Gideon isn't actually evil
    No, he's not actually evil. That was addressed at the end of season 6. The Black Fairy has his heart
    13) The Black Fairy is older than Merlin
    Can't confirm or deny
    12) Emma is mentally unwell and invented the whole thing
    Can't confirm or deny
    11) Regina is Emma's wife
    I like this one in some twisted way
    10) Madame Mim is one of the 8
    9) Alice is Hook's daughter
    We know that imbeciles. Season 7 anyone?
    8) Madame Mim is Lily's Father
    Zorro is Lily's father. Madame Mim is just Madame Mim
    7) Rapunzel is the Evil Stepmother
    We know this from season 7
    6) Ariel and Rumple once dated
    I deny that with happiness
    5) Emma's true love's kiss saved the town
    We know that from season 1
    4) Widow Lucas got Red's cloak from Rumple
    Yes, that was confirmed in season 1
    3) The spinsters who raised Rumple are Flora and Fauna
    I like this theory
    2) Enchanted Forest 2.0 is just the opposite side of Enchanted Forrest
    Could be. Could not be. Don't know. Won't ever know
    1) Graham is Red's brother
    Graham said he was an orphan

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